Six Ways to Become Unpopular on Facebook or Anywhere Else in the Cyberspace

Readers beware: my dark side is writing this post tonight and be ready for some unpleasant emotions if it speaks to you, or not.

I had an interesting discussion with my colleagues this week regarding the on-line community.  There are at least 6 ways to become unpopular on Facebook or anywhere else in the cyberspace:

1. Keep posting mundane updates like: “I am bored.” “I just had a cup of coffee.” Please respect your friends’ time and make their reading your posts worthwhile.  If you want to keep a log of your daily activities by the hour, have your privacy setting to “only me”.

2. Keep posting comments that need decoding. Not sure about you but for me anything that requires a great deal of guesswork makes caring for/paying attention to you that much harder.

3. Bombard your friends with your rants whether they are political, religious, professional or psychological.  If you need a special place to air out your convictions, consider creating a fan page for your followers.

4. Be passive-aggressive with your comments on-line because you don’t have the guts to talk to your friend(s) and sort out the differences in person.  Passive-aggressiveness is really a form of aggression and there is nothing healthy or helpful about it.

5. Lurk but rarely participate in the on-line community. I totally get some people setting up an account to update themselves on the status of their loved ones once a while.  However, if you read your friends’ posts regularly, would it kill you to click on “like” or comment once a while so we know you are alive and well and have an opinion.

6. Post comments that are insensitive and/or offensive. You may enjoy your jokes but maybe not all your friends find them funny, especially when they have to do with people’s age, gender, race/ethnicity, weight/height, sexual orientation, religion, politics…Equal opportunity offenders are not an excuse for being mindless.

Time to stop here and it’s okay that you decide to dislike or even unfriend me after reading this post.  After all, this is a post about how to be unpopular.



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