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The Colors and Moods of Autumn

We had a gorgeous Indian Summer this year. I captured a bit of its glory during my walk this week.


Everyday Beauty

I find beauty in the tiniest to the grandest thing. I thank my Creator everyday for letting me see.

A Chemo Girl

Life's Moments 2008 -- 2009 026

October is the breast cancer awareness month.  Here is my survivor poem written in-between chemo sessions several years ago.  The care of my family and friends, and a bit of dark humor helped me deal with the pain/suffering at the time.  To all the cancer survivors, may we live long and thrive!

A Chemo Girl

Blurry vision, constipation.
You ask how my body functions?
Neuropathy, mouth sores and hair loss.
Dizzy, fatigued–that’s what I’m feeling.

You say to look at the bright side:
This girl is put on the chemo diet.
Drops down a few dress sizes.
You don’t think I will ever miss it.

But surely I am now a skinny girl
Who can still tread some serious miles.
Wearing my batik turban wrap,
Off on the suburban streets I roll.


Sail Boat 168

I completed this painting on January 29, 2012. It reminds me of a fun trip I took with friends one summer. Something about seeing a sail boat on a calm summer day makes me feel that the world is all right. Hope you like it.

Invisible: The Dark Side of Love

I really thought
you were my family,
Believing all the while
You would always stay.

However long I’ve learned.
The demons of your past
Are more powerful than
The promises that you made.

We were too blind to see:
This invisible war
Of unyielding hearts
Was doomed from the start.

Who’d have ever imagined?
Your love for me
Once overflowed;
Now is not enough.


A Warm Day At The Beach

Today I want to share another painting of mine which was completed on March 5, 2012. The scene was impressionistically put together based on a composite of pictures taken in the previous summer.

This particular beach is one of my favorites in the area. I like the almost white looking sand against the geometric shaped row houses. On a clear summer day, the sky is perfectly blue. And the warmth of the sun that touches the skin is just right. A couple of beach chairs seem so cool and inviting. As you probably can tell, I love any warm day at the beach.