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Fuji and Persimmons

This is my latest painting to celebrate the autumn season. Hope you like it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers--White Flowering Cabbage

I was captivated by this white flowering cabbage as I strolled around during my lunch break. In my eyes, this multi-layered leafy plant with such exquisite beauty was no less glorious than the queen of flowers. Somehow, on a cold day like this, it seemed fitting that this cabbage reigns!

Grand Fazioli

I was totally smitten when I first saw this Italian 9-foot-2-inch beauty at a classical concert this year. I marveled at the fine craftsmanship, both sight and sound. It was truly a work of art!

Sail Boat 168

I completed this painting on January 29, 2012. It reminds me of a fun trip I took with friends one summer. Something about seeing a sail boat on a calm summer day makes me feel that the world is all right. Hope you like it.

A Warm Day At The Beach

Today I want to share another painting of mine which was completed on March 5, 2012. The scene was impressionistically put together based on a composite of pictures taken in the previous summer.

This particular beach is one of my favorites in the area. I like the almost white looking sand against the geometric shaped row houses. On a clear summer day, the sky is perfectly blue. And the warmth of the sun that touches the skin is just right. A couple of beach chairs seem so cool and inviting. As you probably can tell, I love any warm day at the beach.

Beach Planter: A Narrative of My Painting

I completed this painting on May 24 this year. I am inspired by how Vincent Van Gogh documented his thoughts on many of his paintings.  Here is my narrative:

I have a special fondness for this particular beach planter.  It took me to a simpler time when love was innocent, light and happy.  I was there when he picked out the planter and we took it together to the beach house.

Typical of this area, a rainy weekend it was. After the rain, the planter was potted with soil and a handful of small green plants. I like how the planter was set on top of the clean banana-yellow wood rack and underneath the rack was this messy, moist, dark brown mud.

Against the brand new planter, the fence was covered with seasoned moss here and there. It was also adorned by tube-shape buoys of white, grey and yellow, next to a big red ball.  Some twenty years ago, they were lost at sea but later recovered at a beach nearby. And when I squinted my eyes just a little, I could see the fresh, rain-washed lawn peek through the old fence.

Something about the whole setup moved me.  So I painted. The contrast of dark and bright colors, of blurred and crisp lines, and of the spaces separated by the fence evoked in me emotions of old and new. Yes, even today, this familiar object/scene keeps moving unto the time continuum of new interpretations. 

It speaks to me with its vibrancy ever so quietly.